About Us Generator Supply

We provide turnkey seamless solutions to all of our customers. We sell components, pre-built kits, load shedding kits and complete trouble free on-site installations.
At Generator Supply our primary objective is to provide turnkey seamless solutions to all of our customers. We sell components, pre-built kits and complete trouble free on-site installations. In South Africa, power is in huge demand and increasingly getting more expensive. Please see our load shedding packages, solar powered and off-grid solutions.
We trade only in high quality, user friendly, cost effective and efficient products. We are supported by reliable up-to-date advice and after sales service.  We offer our services to a few different sectors including Commercial, Industrial and Residential customers. We help with Generator Power, Solar Power, Solar Battery, Hot Water and Solar Pumping Systems.
Our products are built to last and our installs backed by top quality products. We have partnered together with Growatt, Kodak, Deye, Dyness, Pylon, Victron and Canadian Solar, to provide the best possible products, meeting top quality international standards.

Check out our Load Shedding

You can overcome load shedding with a solar power and an energy storage system.

Check Out Our Reduced Electricity Usage

With this 8.0 kWh system half, your house can be taken off then electricity grid, therefore eliminating up to 50% of your monthly cost.

Check Out Our Off the Grid

Grid-Tied Solar Power Kits are used to capture and supply power to your grid connection during sunlight hours.

Save on Your Energy Bill.