Solar Geysers


With the SMART Geyser you have the option of using your standard electrical geyser as a solar geyser.
No need to replace existing and fully functional geysers with a new solar type to save on your heating bill. Also, no need to sacrifice the aesthetic look of your home in order to do so.

Resistant to extreme hot and cold weather conditions
Low maintenance
No coolants required
Long life-expectancy
A more aesthetic look
No water wastage due to overheating
Accurate control of water temperature
PV panels do not need to be installed adjacent to the geyser
No batteries needed to store harvested solar power


1 X Smart Geyser
3 x 330w Solar Panels
1 x Solar Panel Mounting set for 3 panels
Including all connections and 10 meters of cabling

PRICE: R13 890.00