Shoto 5.12 kWh lithium ion


Shoto 5.12 kWh Lithium ion Battery

Self-designed and self-manufactured LFP cell, pack and rack to ensure the highest safety.
Thanks to its modular and scalable design, it can be expanded to meet future energy requirements.
More than 5000 cycles with 90% DOD and 10+ years design life.
Compatible with the most universal hybrid inverters.
Simple rack mounted structure to reduce the installation time and cost.

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    Shoto 5.12 kWh Lithium ion Battery

    The Shoto LFM Phosphate range of battery is purpose built for maximum energy storage and stability. With its core function namely for the telecommunication industry, the Shoto LifePO4 battery is highly robust and long lasting

    16 Cell battery 
    Parallel  up to 16 Shoto batteries together
    Compact Size & Light Weight
    High energy density battery,
    Compact size makes  easy to handle.
    Compatible Inverters - Growatt, Victron , Sofar, Deye etc.
    10 year / 6000 cycle warranty

    As one of the world's largest manufacturers of lead-acid batteries and lithium.

    Shot0 51.2V 100Ah Residential Battery Spec sheet

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    Weight 43 kg
    Dimensions 42 × 44 × 13 cm


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