3 Phase 10Kw Sermatec Hybrid Inverter



On/off grid switch time < 1 Oms
Inductive load s3.3kw
Connect 100% unbalanced load at off grid model
Wide battery voltage range 2OOV-800V
Adopt IP65 protection level, suitable for harsh environments such as high altitude, high temperature, high cold, and long-term continuous and reliable
operation. The designed life is up to 25 years

• Support grid-connected and off-grid seamless switching;
With the function of energy management, support unmanned autonomous operation without EMS.

• With flexible configuration, it can select photovoltaic/mains charging modes and the buried
Lithium battery, support Wi-Fi and GPRS wireless monitoring mode.

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    Sermatec Spec Sheet

    One-Key Setting

    APP setting
    Automatic matching
    Self-diagnosis, maintenance-free

    Simple Installation

    Operation manual & installation video
    Modularization Installation
    International standard cables


    Solar & High voltage battery compatible, various input sources
    Compatible Lifepo4 & Lead-acid Battery
    Solar, grid and generator accessed
    Multiple inverters in parallel
    On & off-grid mode switching time less than 10ms.can be used as UPS
    Single phase & three phases output for residential and commercial application
    Flexible to add/retrofit more inverters or battery system.


    High efficiency at 99%
    Advanced tracking tech to improve efficiency of PV station
    High-precision MPPT control algorithm and INV algorithm enabling grid connection with high efficiency and energy converting by itself.


    Self-protection Technology
    Wide voltage range and frequency input
    IP65 Protection
    Automatic air cooling
    Stable operation in high altitude, high temperature, high humidity environment
    Overload capacity


    Smart Management System enforces self-operation
    WIFI, CAN, RS485, USB (optional), GPRS (optional) Multiple monitoring modes


    Additional information

    Weight 40 kg
    Dimensions 55 × 54 × 18 cm


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