7.5Kw SolaX Hybrid Inverter


7.5Kw SolaX Hybrid Inverter

10 year warranty 


SolaX Power is delighted to announce the launch of the eagerly anticipated third generation of our market-leading solar battery storage  product Hybrid inverter, which now includes a range of both single-phase and three-phase models. The X-Hybrid battery storage inverter is compatible with the leading lithium-ion battery solutions available on the market today making it the most popular energy storage solution.
With the  SolaX X-Hybrid you can ensure that you never go without power, even during a power-cut. An emergency power supply or ‘EPS’ switch (only available on ‘E’ models) enables the X-Hybrid to work completely off-grid, meaning that any power you have stored on your batteries will now be used in the event of a power cut.
With the X-Hybrid you can easily set your power export limits based on local requirements. The X-Hybrid comes with built-in export control, allowing you to manage the power you generate, exactly how you want to.

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    7.5Kw SolaX Hybrid Inverter

    10 year warranty 

    Support 150% oversized PV power and store excess energy to batteries
    Slow temperature rising
    Key Parameters X1-Hybrid G4
    IP Class IP65
    Dimensions (mm)  482*417*181
    Net weight (kg)    22 / 23
    Operating temperature range (℃) -35 to 60
    Storage temperature (℃)  -40 to 70

    Additional information

    Weight 23 kg
    Dimensions 49 × 42 × 18 cm


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