Inge/UFO 4.8 kWh Lithium ion Battery


UFO/ Inge LiFePO4 batteries for energy storage  can be equipped with GPRS Data Transmission Units(DTU), which provides remote control of LiFePO4 battery and help monitor the status of LiFePO4 battery. The GPS Function within the Lithium-ion battery can provides positional tracking of battery to prevent from stealing. Whenever you use the battery APP on your cellphone, you are able to track the location of your Lithium-ion battery easily. UFO/ Inge 4.8 kWh Also, the GPRS function offers convenience to you for monitoring the performance of Lithium-ion battery, including battery temperature, voltage and more.

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    Inge/UFO 4.8 kWh Lithium-ion battery

    • Self Cooling: Doesn’t require expensive cooling and ventilation systems
    • Longer Lifetime:4500 cycles, (90% DOD)
    • Easy Installation
    • Standard 19” design with helpful pulling ear
    • Quick stacking
    • Life Design 15 years plus
    • Warranty : 5 Year


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