Revov Star 5 kw inverter with 10.2kWh lithium battery


Revov Star 5 kw inverter with 10.2kWh lithium battery

Complete Revov Star, 5 kVa inverter, 1 x 2nd LiFE R100, 100Ah, 5.12 kWh, Battery Module, DC and
AC switches, Cables, fuses, Battery monitor Wall mount rack and cover

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    Revov Star 5 kw inverter with 10.2kWh lithium battery

    • 10kWh all-in-one enclosed unit.
    • Cost Effective, simple and rapid installation.
    • Compact, neat and self-contained.
    • Battery charge info display.
    • Seamless backup transition (in-line performance).
    • Pure Sine Wave AC Output.

    • Protect your home and office during outages.
    • Reduce disruption due to dependency on Grid.
    • Store power generated by Solar, and Grid.
    • Replace generator avoiding costs.
    • UPS (uninterruptible power supply) for essential circuits in home and office backup

    The REVOV Star is a 10.2kWh residential or small business backup power unit. This all in one application will reduce your reliance on the grid by supplying power when the grid is down. The complete DC system stores energy, detects grid status, and automatically supplies your home when the national grid is compromised. Unlike generators, the REVOV Star requires no maintenance or fuel, creates no fumes and is very quiet.
    The simplified plug-and-play application is pre-programmed, which allows for a rapid and easy installation. The REVOV Star casing makes it child and pet friendly, as all the wires and vents are found at the top of the unit. Note:. This unit is not IP Rated so the unit must reside indoors. The REVOV Star features a smart LCD display where you can monitor your home’s energy production and consumption in real time as well as an optional
    Bluetooth app for monitoring. The batteries have a 16-cell configuration for long life and the flexibility to expand capacity by adding extra units or to connect one REVOV Star per phase.

    Note: The distribution board of the home will still need attention by a qualified electrician, to sort into Essential and Non-Essential circuits and accompanying protections e.g. AC breakers.

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    Weight 43 kg
    Dimensions 55 × 195 × 30 cm


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