7.0kWh Battery bank 2 x 3.5kWh Pylontech Lithium-ion Batteries


The PylonTech Battery is one of South Africa’s best-selling Lithium-ion batteries on the market. This PylonTech 3.5kWh (2.8kWh 80% DOD) US3000 model is being used in many homes and business without skipping a beat, it’s reliable, affordable, slim and easy to install.

This battery pack of  2 x PylonTech 3.5kWh (US3000C) batteries will give you  7.0kWh (6.6kWh 95% DOD) storage .

7 years standard warranty 

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    Pylontech Spec Sheet

    PylonTech US3000 3.5kWh Lithium-ion Battery

    From the success of the US2000B the larger PylonTech US3000B was born, with its better price per kW. its no surprise that this battery is one of the best-sellers.

    This very popular lithium-ion battery is reliable, safe and easy-to-install and compatible with most of the popular inverters on the market.The BMS (Battery Management System) specifically designed to handle any surges, over-charging and abnormal current

    7 Year Warranty (10 Year on Registration)
    Highest Safety
    Fantastic Life-Cycle
    State of Health Monitoring
    State of Charge Monitoring
    Stackable, easy to add more
    Advanced BMS (Battery Management System)
    Best-Selling in Africa
    Compatible with various Inverters

    Additional information

    Weight 64 kg
    Dimensions 44 × 42 × 26 cm


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